Our support for your success

As well as supplying a complete range of medicines and equipment for the medical sector, we provide individual, in-depth guidance and assist our customers in choosing from our huge product assortment. As such, we facilitate and support our customers' daily commitment to service - one that can be challenging, but is pivotal for the wellbeing of their patients.

our products

Flexible and designed with care

We understand that our customers' needs are constantly evolving - and we respond to them with a flexible product range, specially adapted logistics and a number of additional services. Responsible guidance and optimal support is our foremost concern.


Our online shop offers medicines, medical equipment and all the other products that are vital for the day-to-day running of a medical practice. Thanks to a comprehensive product assortment, we serve doctors, pharmacists, laboratories and private individuals.

Tailored guidance

Our skilled and ambitious team is always at your disposal. We take the time to provide responsible guidance and flawless customer care. As highly informed, independent consultants, our focus lies solely on your individual needs.

Direct logistics

Our highly efficient logistics centre is constantly undergoing optimisation, enabling us to handle both electronic and telephone orders in an ever faster and more resource-efficient fashion. We provide you promptly and reliably with the products you need.


What we stand for: Transparency, honesty and commitment to service

Day in, day out, we strive to stay true to our motto: our support for your success. We offer our customers custom-tailored products and services and seek always to provide the best service at affordable prices. The importance of long-standing, trusting relationships lies close to our hearts - with our customers as much as with our employees.